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2008-05-10 Bootleg from Paris
Edmouk from The Level 42 Web Digest has asked me if I could put this show on my site for download. It's l'Olympia, Paris, France from 1988.
Thanks Edmouk for sharing.

2008-04-28 New bootleg concert for download
A whole month has passed without any updates. I have been too busy at work but at last the site has been enriched with another concert for download. It's from Germany in 1985.

2008-03-29 French concert pictures (and others)
I have uploaded pictures from four concerts in France. Merci Fabien.
Also a few pictures from one of the Retroglide concerts in the UK plus Jazz Fest Wien 2006. Thanks to Mark Woodhouse.

2008-03-28 The Chinese Way live video
You can download a video recording of The Chinese Way by Level 42 played in Jakarta, Indonesia, in 2003.

Please enjoy.

2008-03-12 Massive concert picture update
Pictures from 5 concerts have been uploaded. Thanks to Daniel, Claus, and Ronald.

2008-02-23 More concert pictures uploaded
Thanks to German fans Raina & Frank, it is now possible to watch 74 pictures from the recent concert in Kolding as well as 6 pictures from Docks CLUB, Hamburg in 2006.

2008-02-19 New scans and photos
The official photos from Ringsted Festival 2008 have been uploaded.
Autumn newsletter 1993 has been scanned and uploaded plus a few other scans.

2008-02-19 Concert picture upload
29 pictures from the Silkeborg concert have been uploaded (many thanks to BJ the DJ)

2008-02-09 New Level 42 DK unleashed
Level 42 DK has been revamped. Hope you like the new looks.

2008-02-07 Site maintenance
Level 42 DK will be temporarily closed down tomorrow night.
I hope to put it back on later that night.

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