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2007-11-24 Dreams & Visions videos available
I've uploaded all the 13 unreleased music videos from Dreams and Visions. Now I only hope not to run out of bandwidth.

2007-11-14 Great news from!
Level 42 are coming to Denmark next year to do below shows:

Thursday 14th February Jysk Musik & Teaterhus, Silkeborg, Denmark.
Friday 15th February Kongreshal, Kolding, Denmark.
Saturday 16th February Idrętshal, Svendborg, Denmark.

2007-10-09 The downloads keep coming...
Yet another concert has been made available in the download sections. This time it's Mark King touring with his One Man album. The concert is from Hamburg in 1999.

2007-09-03 Download concert
I've uploaded a concert from 2003. It's from Cliff's Pavilion in Southend, UK. I hope you will all enjoy it. While listening to it, I can recommend going through the scans section and read some of the old newspaper articles or fan magazines.

2007-06-24 One more De Souburg concert
... well, actually it's the same concert but another recording.

2007-06-16 New download
I've uploaded two tracks from the concert in Vlissingen, Holland in 1982. They can be found in the download section.

2007-03-13 New download
Finally a new download! Although it is only a minor one this time. We are talking about the concert from The National Ballroom in June 1991. Please enjoy.

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