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2006-12-18 Merry Christmas
... and a little present! A new download is available in the download section. This time it's the concert from The Brighton Dome in 1994. Hope you enjoy. Merry Christmas everyone.

2006-10-28 New downloads
It's been quite some time since the last update, so to compensate I've uploaded the unreleased music video for Are You Hearing as well as a great concert from Entschede, Holland, in 1991. Also a few concert pictures from this year have been added in the scans section.

2006-09-23 All downloads re-established
I'm very happy to inform you that all the downloads are in place again.

2006-09-02 Download problems
Apparently is experiencing some problems as the site cannot be reached. I'll take care of the problem as soon as possible, probably by finding another file hosting site as well as a backup site. I'm sorry for the inconveniency but please be patient.

2006-08-26 Downloads available
All files have been uploaded and are available for download. This time I've used instead of Hope it's going to be better, the upload speed is better than that of Savefile anyway.

2006-08-26 New video download
Love In A Peaceful World

2006-08-24 IMPORTANT - About download who has been hosting all the downloads has lost all files due to technical issues. This means that I'll have to upload everything again. I will do it as fast as I can, but these uploads do take some time I'm afraid.

Late night update: Most of the concerts have been uploaded to for easy download.

2006-08-14 More pictures from A Day In the 80s
8 pictures have been added in the scans section from the festival in Esbjerg, Denmark, celebrating the 80s. These pictures are from the festival site itself.

2006-08-05 Summer break is over
Now that we're all going back to work again (well some of us), I think it's time for another download. This time it's the music video for Out of Sight, Out of Mind. I've also updated my collection recently, especially bootlegs and video.

2006-06-27 Download music video
The Forever Now music video has been made available for download.

2006-06-27 Bratislava concert photos
Edo from The Slovac Republic has donated some photos from Bratislava Jazz Days in 2004 which featured Level 42.

2006-06-20 More pictures from Esbjerg
Janus Engelbrecht has provided me with 35 great pictures from the concert which have been posted in the scans section, pictures category.

2006-06-18 Concert pictures
The scans section has been updated with a lot of pictures from the A day in the 80s festival in Denmark yesterday which featured Level 42.

2006-05-29 Yet another concert
This time it's The Venue from 1981.

2006-05-14 New concert for download
This is the oldest concert I have. It's Gillingham 1981.

2006-05-01 New download
My Father's Shoes (Version 1) music video is available for download.

2006-04-19 New video download
One of the Guaranteed music videoes (The Mill version) has been included in the download list.

2006-04-14 New concert pictures
Level 42 live in Saga, Copenhagen in 1983. The scanned photographs can be seen in the scans section.

2006-04-10 Download Overtime video
Another Level 42 music video is available for free download.

2006-04-01 Collection update
I've updated the demo part of my collection.

2006-04-01 New fan magazines
I've scanned two fan magazines from 1990 and one from 1994. Read and enjoy.

2006-03-29 New links
I've added a couple of links to home pages of Level 42 tribute bands. Do you know of any tribute bands not featured on this list, please let me know and I'll add them.

2006-03-21 Site update
The music video Weave Your Spell is available for download. And the scans section has been updated with some concert photos from 1986.

2006-03-11 Another download provided
This time it's Mark King in a TV show with a couple of puppets.

2006-03-08 New download
The download section has been updated with yet another concert.

2006-03-05 Collection updated
I've updated my collection with some bootleg concerts I received recently.

2006-02-23 Pictures added
No less than 78 pictures from have been added in the scans section.

2006-02-17 Download music video
The music video All Over You has been made available for download. You can find it in the download section. This is the split screen version. It's a rather big file, 42 MB.

2006-02-14 Concert dates updated
I've updated the date of some of the bootleg concerts. Thanks Magnaman for pointing out the incorrect dates.

2006-01-31 New downloads
A whole concert from 1987 has been added in the download section.

2006-01-22 Demos published
I've updated the collection section with my demos.

2006-01-21 Download section improved
I'm very proud to announce that the download section has re-opened. This time with another bootleg concert from the early 80s, a Mark King music video, and a single track from a Danish festival featuring the new lineup.

2006-01-06 New scans
I've scanned two fan magazines, one from 1988 and one from 1990. Hope you enjoy.

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