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2005-12-28 Photos added
I have added 7 photos of Mark King from Jan Erik Olausen in Norway.

2005-12-18 Major scan update
142 new pictures in the scans section and two new categories have been introduced, covers and screenshots.
And all this is with a big thank you to Winston Walker (aka Winman42) who is the generous donator.

2005-11-24 New scans
New scans have been added!
For example you'll find bassline transcriptions from early 80s songs.
I've also added the lyrics for All She Wants and As Years Go By in the lyrics section.

2005-10-22 Site update: New sections
I've added a links section.
Most of you people coming here probably already know them, but it's just my way of acknowledging your work.
There are probably other links I haven't mentioned, but please let me know and I'll add them.
The Cover 42 section is something I've been thinking about for a while.
It's my intention to publish the covers I make for my bootlegs.

2005-10-20 Collection update
Finally I found the time to update my collection, however it only goes for video material.

2005-10-19 More scans and new functionality
A lot of scans have been updated since the last news update, and I'm very pleased about that.
A counter has been introduced in the scans section so that it is now possible to see how many times a specific scan has been displayed.
The counter starts today so past viewings are not counted in.

2005-09-14 Server maintenance
Due to server maintenance will be unavailable for 1-4 hours Saturday September 24th between 6am and 10am GMT.

2005-09-11 Entire tour programme scanned
Great news today! I've scanned the whole tour programme from 1983.

2005-09-10 Another scan
I've added a single scan from Chris Martin.

2005-08-27 More scans
Today I added some scans that I've just received from Allan Haagensen.

2005-08-20 More scans
I added 10 more scans today and I also added a new category 'Reviews'.
Some of the scans in other categories have now been moved to reviews.

2005-08-19 New functionality
I have made a list of all the people who have donated scans to Level 42 Scans.
The list can be seen by following the link on the Level 42 Scans homepage.

2005-08-13 New functionality
It's now possible to see a history log of when and how many scans were added to the site.
It's found in the scans section, just click the text that says 'Follow the scan count history'.
Some days ago I acquired a lot of articles and other interesting stuff which I'm going to scan.
At that same time I'm building an administration site to myself to make it easier to add scans to the site.

2005-08-06 Site update
More scans have been added to the site and the functionality has been improved in the scans section.

2005-07-21 Site update
Discovered an error in the lyrics section where all album titles were displayed as 'Other tracks'.
This has been corrected.
I've also reorganized some of the scans so that some of them appear in Miscellaneous instead of in Articles.

2005-07-18 Welcome
Welcome to my new site dedicated to Level 42.
Actually I didn't mean to go public at this time because so many things still need to be done. However, now was a good time because I've recently scanned a lot of Level 42 articles and other stuff, and I wanted to share these scans with the whole Level 42 fan community.
I hope you're going to enjoy this site. If you have any comments please feel free to send me an email, or make an entry in the guestbook.

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