Album: Staring At the Sun - Artist: Level 42

(M. King/G. Husband)

Steppin' out from underneath my shadow
Walking home from Fridays nine to five
Rememberin' the long way round the meadow
The one we used to take from time to time

And I thought about you
How you must have changed now baby
Far away from me
How I used to savour all your kisses
Where no one else could see

Exchanging knowing glances cross the schoolroom
Dreamin' of a love down by the sea
Changing plans to cover one another
Working on our secret fantasy

But now as I walk down the road to your house baby
There's no one there but me
How I wish that I could steal your kisses
Just as they used to be

  Tracie, where are you now girl
  I don't know why this feeling's so strong
  Tracie, where have you been
  You know there's no one now to tell us we're wrong

Countin' by the street lights to the phone box
Where we used to meet before the dawn
Smokin' on the top floor of the school bus
Promising the moon as we rode along

But now I saw you across a crowded dance floor
Or somewhere in the town
Would you show me what I had been missing
And spin me round and round

('Cause) Deep inside from some other place
I turn to find we're there face to face
We laugh, we cry, we work and we play
As love filled night gives way to the day

  (Repeat Chorus)

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