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19941013 - The Brighton Dome, Brighton, UK

Hot Water (Added 2006-12-18)
Forever Now (Added 2006-12-18)
The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) (Added 2006-12-18)
Mr Pink (Added 2006-12-18)
One In A Million (Added 2006-12-18)
World Machine (Added 2006-12-18)
Model Friend (Added 2006-12-18)
Kansas City Milkman (Added 2006-12-18)
Heaven In My Hands (Added 2006-12-18)
It's Over (Added 2006-12-18)
Love In A Peaceful World (Added 2006-12-18)
Running In the Family (Added 2006-12-18)
Lessons In Love (Added 2006-12-18)
Something About You (Added 2006-12-18)
All Over You (Added 2006-12-18)
The Chinese Way (Added 2006-12-18)

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