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Jazz Fest Wien, Fernwärme Anlage (Open Air), Vienna, Austria - 2006-07-01
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These pictures have been generously donated by Olga

Comment by gerald posted on 2011-09-04
haha, i was there, this was on the yearly fernwärme ( a power plant area) jazz festival. i live very close to it. and the entry was like each year 2 euro only, but the concert was worth 2000 euro or priceless. my first time to see level 42. but they came back the same year i think in november to vienna, into a small club called "planet music", thats was so hot, the whole place (underground) was shaking and pumping, this is among my best 3 gigs ever visited, if not nr.1!

Comment by Lars posted on 2008-04-04
Corrected concert header and donator.

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