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Jysk Musik & Teaterhus, Silkeborg, Denmark - 2008-02-14
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These pictures have been generously donated by Daniel Kruse

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Comment by Lars Grill Nielsen posted on 2008-02-21
1. Intro with Thunderbirds
2. Heaven In My Hands
3. Hot Water
4. Running In the Family
5. Children Say
6. It's Over
7. Rooted
8. Starchild
9. The Sun Goes Down
10. Love Games
11. Lessons In Love
12. Something About You
13. The Sunbed Song
14. The Chinese Way

Comment by Lars posted on 2008-03-18
Confirm done Corrine.... always at your service :-)

Comment by Corrine posted on 2008-03-17
oh dear ... Lars your going to have to delete a few of those 'double' comments haha sorry about that ;)!

Comment by Corrine posted on 2008-03-17
Oh they threw the roses on the stage ?? i bet he was a bit baffled .. 'what are these people throwing at me ... ahhh okay .. cool ..' haha but still very nice !!!

Comment by Lars posted on 2008-02-22
First, one woman threw a single rose which landed on
the stage in front of Mark. Shortly after, another
woman approached the stage and threw three roses
which almost landed ON Mark. He looked quite baffled in
the moment but seemed pleased with it.

Comment by Corrine posted on 2008-02-21
Oh wow thats great you posted these photos! Someone
handed Mark a bunch of roses? how sweet!!! :)

Comment by Lars posted on 2008-02-21
There you have it!

Comment by Fabrice MAYEUR posted on 2008-02-21
Hello, happy to see news photos ...can you say me about
the set ?
Thank you.

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