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2008-10-18 Level 42 return to Denmark
As Carsten Overbye has written in the guestbook, Level 42 will visit Denmark once again next year, March 4th.
The source is Sønderborg Ugeavis.
The venue is Alsion in Sønderborg, not that far from the German border so perhaps we'll see some German fans there too.

Tickets are already for sale on

See you there!

Level 42 will also be visiting the venue Train in Aarhus on March 5th. More information on Train where tickets can be ordered too.
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2008-02-16 Three In A Row (Level 42 touring Denmark)
I'm a lucky fella! Three Level 42 gigs in a row in Denmark. I wonder when that has been done before. And on the top of that I had received free tickets for all gigs from the booking company ... thanks Berit ;-)

The first concert in Silkeborg was immensely great. I hadn't seen the band live since the Retroglide tour in Hamburg in 2006. I suppose the venue was only slightly more than half full (probably thanks to exorbitant tickets prices), but the people there saw a band full of energy and which seemed pleased to be on the road again.
A great concert also despite it being the KOH, but I suppose that that is what they have been paid for. The crowd cheered when Mark in the beginning stated that they were going to play a lot of the old songs.

The sound wasn't the best however. I was standing in the front and it was as if the stage sound was too loud. During the concert it got better though.

Gary was perhaps the most energetic of the five. He slammed the drums and I almost thought they would turn over. During the concert a member from the crew had to put tape on some of his gear.
Another problem for Gary was when he lost one of his earphones in the middle of a song. The crew member had his arms around Gary trying to unwind the wire and then he had to put it into Gary's ear - and that proved quite difficult as Gary's head went up and down and from side to side. Eventually they made it but only to see it fall out again. After the next attempt they succeeded and it remained in its position for the rest of the concert.

After a great but way too short concert I can only look forward to the next one...
... which was just as great, perhaps even better.

Gary didn't face the same amount of problems this time, but Sean did have a problem with his transmitter. He was carrying it on the back of his trousers but at one point he had to go to the side of the stage and stick out his bottom so a crew member could fasten the device properly. Making fun as usual Sean shook his bottom while the crew member tried to do his job.

We got the same songs as yesterday but the crowd was louder and the band seemed more up to it, even extending a few of the songs. Mark King's pre-Love Games solo bit was also different, I've never heard him play that before. I don't know much about the equipment they use, but Mark kneeled down when playing, apparently recording what he played, and then played on top of that afterwards.

It was an international crowd. I met a couple from Germany and four English fans from the webdigest who had travelled all the way to Denmark for two of the concerts.

Again, looking forward to the next concert...

Saturday, Svendborg. The day of my life (at least my Level 42 life). I finally met Mark and the band. He was very nice. They all were. Unfortunately I didn't get a chance to say hi to Sean and Gary. Apparently Gary still has problems with his back.

I think this show was the best of the three. It had Mr Pink in the encore instead of The Chinese Way, and Children Say wasn't played this time. After the show I heard someone say that he at least knew three of the songs. I guess it's like that for many of the people there. Hopefully the band impressed them with the other songs too. I know I'm impressed, I always am when I see them play.

Level 42, thanks for three great nights :-)

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