This is a tiny bit about me. As I'm utterly irrelevant it won't be much though.

About me...

My name is Lars Grill Nielsen and I've been a Level 42 fan since 1986/87. That was the time when Lessons In Love and Running In the Family were monster hits, not only here in Denmark, but around the world.   Level 42 logo

In my daily life, I work for an IT company called IBM. At the moment my field of work lies within electronic medical records.

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I've always liked music and some of my favourite bands, apart from Level 42, are Duran Duran and tv-2, the latter being a very famous Danish band.
There are loads of other bands and solo artists I like to listen to though.
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But there is just one other musician I'd like to point out, and that's fellow Level 42 fan Bj�rn Jeppensen. He's involved in two projects, Nattefrost and Carboneids. Check it out, the pictures link to www.nattefrost.dk and www.carboneids.dk respectively. You can find more information on Nattefrost on MySpace.   Nattefrost logo

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More to come later... whenever...    

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